Thanks to you, Tyra and I were prepared! She has applied to 7 out of 8 of her chosen schools…again thanks to you she has been on a mission. Having attended an HBCU fair this past week, she has decided to apply to an additional 2 schools, She was accepted to 2 schools at the fair on the spot.
You helped Tyra and me understand the importance of being organized, meeting deadlines, and the chart you suggested was the best idea! It has helped her see daily what she has done and what she has left to do. Once a week another application is completed and mailed. Our goal is still to be finished submitting all applications before the December break, and she is well on her way.
Thanks again!!!!   – Phyllis, Parent High School SeniorUltimate Success 2 Purple Book Mark

“Ultimate Success 2 provides excellent customized, personal services when there is a need for real time college and career preparation, training and education.  Specifically, when my son was a high school senior and ready to go to college and prepare for full time employment, Ultimate Success helped him create and design a high quality functional resume that enabled him to be competitive and gain access to his field of choice and land a good career building job. The time and attention to detail and customization they provided while empowering him to do the work with guidance, was excellent and the results were high quality.”  H. Jettison, Parent High School Senior  Ultimate Success 2 Purple Book Mark My son  recently completed a workshop designed to plan for his future high school career. As a parent and educator I found this experience to be beneficial and rewarding for both my son and myself.
Students created a dossier similar to a portfolio including a resume and documentation of awards and earned certificates. The process of thinking about life’s accomplishments and gathering evidence of these activities was really motivating for my son. Through guided group discussion and brainstorming sessions my son was able to recognize that he had something to offer. He really felt good about himself!
Assembling the materials, he collected in a binder, writing a resume and role playing prepared my son for a high school admissions interview.  Having his binder helped boost his confidence and gave him the edge he needed! As a family we’re looking forward to a successful high school experience and thank Ultimate Success 2 for their help. – Maureen F, Reading Specialist/Mother

Ultimate Success 2 Purple Book Mark

It had not occurred to me that my son would benefit or need a resume or Brag Book as he was applying to high schools.  Michele proved to me how worth it it is.  When he handed his resume and shared his Brag Book with Admissions counselors, not only did he impress the heck out of them, his confidence in himself soared.
Michele personally assisted each 8th grader (and their Parents) in finding what to include in the resume and Brag Book.  They were there each step of the way for the kids and me.. -Susan P,  parent of 8th grader