Ultimate Success Founder Michele Hewitt-WebsterMichele Hewitt-Webster

As a parent, Michele Hewitt-Webster was concerned about the lack of preparation students were getting in schools to help them prepare for their future. Ultimate Success 2 LLC was founded to help students and their parent’s Plan for the Future by developing a series of interactive workshops.  These workshops help students become aware of their assets and how to transfer them to the real world.  Students create long-term and short-term goals but most importantly a plan to achieve their goals.  Michele firmly believes that when you demystify a process and give someone the right tools, they are more successful.

Our mission is to assist young teens and young adults in creating the tools that are the foundation for achieving their goals.  Our P4 – Plan for the Future program helps them design a roadmap that matches their vision, values, strengths, and aspirations directing them to a successful future.  Because we are NOT their parents or teachers, participants are more receptive and understand we are there for support. The P4 program gives them a great foundation upon which to build and achieve this success.

We have chosen proven techniques to match the style of instruction to the teen learner’s needs, and the content presented.  A major benefit of the workshops is the face-to-face interactions teens experience with one another.

Michele has over 30 years of diverse experience, including managing a large customer service department for a healthcare company and an outbound customer service department for a direct-marketing firm.  One of her major responsibilities with both companies was to design and facilitate training programs for not only her staff but companywide so all staff understood the product features and services offered as well as how to deliver quality customer service.   She has served as a tutor or mentor for kids since college and the founding of Ultimate Success 2 was a natural progression.

Michele worked with a group of teachers, administrators, and parents in creating a private high school in the Philadelphia area for students who have language-based learning differences.  MileStone Academy opened in September 2015.   Michele not only sits on the board of the school but conducts workshops as well.

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