What We Do

Ultimate Success 2 is leading the way with tailored, group-oriented, interactive workshops. The P4 (Plan for the Future) Program assists teens between the ages of 12 and 17 build the foundation for their future success by helping them discover their unique skills, strengths, talents, interests and experiences and understand how these skills and experiences transfer to the “real world”. P4 workshops demystify the application process and helps participants create tools that will help them now and throughout their future, as well as develop the aptitude to discuss and articulate their skills and accomplishments in school and job interviews.

Benefits of What We Do

US2 workshops are designed to help today’s teens plan for and achieve success by:

  • Developing a student resume
  • Preparing an achievement-oriented student portfolio (Brag Book)
  • Building confidence for the in-person interview & visitation
  • Discovering innate strengths and talents
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Demystify the transition process

Teens develop core skills that will allow for them to:

  • Perform well at a school/job interview
  • Perfect the resume
  • Learn proper etiquette for communications using Internet, cell phones and technology
  • Research potential schools and their application process

Students who take our workshops:

Internalize what they learn Increase self confidence Feel encouragement